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About Us

Sew Orchid Design, LLC was opened in the spring of 2015 by Barbara Daigle with a goal to provide the Norway, Maine community with high-quality fabrics and sewing supplies. With a dedication to supporting local companies and designers, Barbara takes extra steps to ensure you have all the information and supplies you need to succeed. Furthermore, providing sewing enthusiasts with a friendly place to learn and create.

Get to know Barbara

Barbara is a highly qualified and experienced stitcher. With a start in a run of the mill Junior High Economics Class, she has since been sewing anything from clothing and costumes, to dog collars, bags and totes, all the way through quilting… sewing was a happy outlet that bless her family and those around her. Sewing took an even bigger part of her life for the past 20 years; sewing more frequently, always learning and opening her own shop!

Beyond the years spent in her craft, Barbara is a licensed Beginning Sewing and Beginning Serging educator through the Martha Pullen Company. She is also a certified instructor for Sue Pelland Designs, an outstanding applique quilting company. She is also a Westalee Education Center teaching Quilting with Rulers.  She is also a Handi-Quilter Retailer!  Many can attest to Barbara’s quality instruction making the world of difference in their projects!

So, what's in the name you may ask? We get this question a lot!

Owner Barbara carried a bouquet of orchids down the aisle the day she said ‘I do’ many years ago and is living her best life using them as the inspiration behind her business. Beyond her admiration for orchids, there is meaning behind each word. Let us break down her thoughtful shop name for you-

Sew, well that is simple, we are a sewing shop!

Orchid, as many of you know, is a flower.  Although it is a clear favourite of owner Barbara's, it's also symbolic to the art of sewing.  Did you know there are 25,000 species of orchids? As a shop dedicated to the versatility of sewing, we want to remember that our craft is as versatile as the orchid.  Ok so maybe there aren’t exactly 25,000 types of sewing, but there are many! Quilting, apparel, home decor, embroidery, seasonal, crafts, sewing by hand or machine, the list goes on and on.  Within each area of sewing there as subcategories. Sew similar, and each as beautiful, as the orchid!  

Designs as unique as the individual making them. We love this crucial aspect of sewing. Nurturing each of our customer's creativity, we love to see how you pair materials, patterns and tools into beautiful works of art.

Have a question? Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff members are always on hand to answer questions, provide expert product advice, or make suggestions for project ideas, helpful sewing techniques and pair you with upcoming classes.

Barbara believes that sewing is a healing craft and thoroughly enjoys sharing her passion for stitching with her customers. Her shop is living proof of her belief that community participation is key to a well-rounded life. She strives to maintain a welcoming and supportive store atmosphere that fosters relaxation and camaraderie. In fact, visitors and locals are encouraged to drop by the store for a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, on us of course, and some friendly conversation. Beyond her open doors, there are endless events filling our calendar with reasons to come and enjoy time crafting and learning together!

Shopping through Sew Orchid Design is unique. Beyond beautifully stocked materials, supplies and standard tools, speciality sewing brands are available here! We keep a supply of Sue Pelland Designs applique quilting tools and patterns, Westalee Design quilting tools and we are a NEW Missouri Star quilt shop partner, allowing us to carry their beautiful pattern books. Online, we are partnered with Embroidery Online, found right on our home page's "Embroidery" button. They are an excellent location we recommend for sourcing your downloadable designs!

We can’t wait to see you! Come visit us today!